Internet Solutions

Scalable and dedicated Fiber and Air Link connections

Our connectivity delivers the reliability, speed and support your business needs and with the fastest upload speeds available, you can send information as fast as you receive it.

We provide Fiber Internet connections within Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton,  Kitchener and Waterloo. If your location is incapable of having Fiber to premise due to geographical issues  we can deliver it via wireless with no depletion of the service.

Consistent speeds – Goodbye peak times

Unlike the common “speed boosts” other ISPs “offer” that only seem to work between the hours when you should be sleeping, we delivers consistently fast speed no matter the time of day. This is because every business with EZ Networks connects essentially on their own dedicated line. Get the service you pay for and don’t share your speeds with your competition down the street.

Future-proof service

Technology moves fast. It seems as if when you get the newest and greatest thing available, it’s obsolete before you can imagine- whether it’s tablets, billing software, or cloud storage and syncing and as these technologies advance, they continue requiring more and more bandwidth.

Feel confident in your ability to add all your new gadgets and software to your network and sync all the files you can with bandwidth to spare. Thanks to Fiber’s scalability and reliable, unprecedented speeds, your business is now future-proof.

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