All businesses have a reliance on a stable network infrastructure. If the network infrastructure is not providing networking services smoothly, the business comes to a halt.

We understand and realize the importance of networking equipment. Our experts will evaluate and utilize enterprise class equipment  to maintain performance and functional standards for your business. If you are tired of slow performance or inaccessibility of certain network services, we can help!

Network Design / Network Planning:

EZ Networks focuses on determining the optimal infrastructure design to meet your business requirements. This service leverages industry best practices to validate and improve the network environment to ensure a robust, efficient and reliable infrastructure. During this consulting engagement, EZ Networks consultants will meet with you to understand your business environment and needs. Based on your specific needs and our industry experience, we will be able to provide you with an unbiased, best-practice architecture design with supporting documentation that justifies the costs of operating a business-critical network infrastructure.


Network Setup / Network Implementation:

Our Network Implementation services are customized for each client. Depending on work scope and content, the engagement may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Deploying high-speed backbone networks
  •  Integrating network management platforms
  •  Building network operations and management centers
  •  Implementing remote access technology
  •  Implementing Quality of Service for next generation converged networks
  •  Re-configuring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
  •  Testing, certifying, and documenting the network


Network Security:

  •  Security Audits
  •  VPN setup
  •  Firewall setup
  •  Anti-Virus Setup
  •  Software Compliance Audit
  •  Security Policy Development
  •  Disaster Recovery Planning